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I feel the need to write more posts about hope because we can always use hope while going through uncertain times for the future of our government. This is a hot topic for a lot of people because it appears that many people are feeling hopeless and to some degree helpless.

Hope is having faith that our country is going to pull through this redefining of America crisis. We will, but we will have to stay positive as well as knowing when to be tolerant. There is a lot to be said about being tolerant. We have become too politically correct and too tolerant of people that want to dissent from the Christian principles that have founded America.

We got into trouble back in the 60’s because we were too permissive and now we are too tolerant of what we were permissive about, we have moved the bar on social acceptance.  We can preach all day long about someone’s beliefs, but there are not enough people that are actually living by the Commandments. I know that is a bold statement, but there is a decay of American values by when we, including myself, will approve of the television programming we watch on T.V. If the programming is detrimental to a child, then why do we watch the programs that are not suitable for children?

It is the ” Re-defining of America “, the awakening of America for us to reassess our values, or we will need some kind of paradigm shift to snap people into decency for mankind. We have to visualize a change in America and our relationships with each other”.

If we want to continue to be the city on the hill or be the light in the darkness for nations that suffer tyranny, then we have to take a look at what communication barriers are going on within America. It is time to clean up America and be accountable for our life.  I guess we just have to learn to deal with conflict peacefully. “The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior “ is one of the best books I have read. The movie is excellent! It is very inspiring to be around people with hope.

There are wonderful things going on in the undercurrents of life and people are working on becoming a better nation, even though we do not see them or know who they are. There have to be people that are like the ” Salt of the Earth ” kind of people out in the world that is fighting the forces of evil on our behalf. Do you believe this to be true? Do you believe that when there is a great presence of evil that there is also a great and mighty hand in Godly things too?

It is like a chess game. Satan makes his move and God has the next move planned to counteract Satan’s moves. Gosh, we have enough polarity going on behind the scenes while good and evil fight, we do not have to be polarized as people too. We can agree to disagree for the sake of peace, but do we do it often enough? Would we rather be right or would we rather be happy?

For your information, I have posted some nice Archangel videos on the Forum if you want to know more about the war in heaven and how Archangels protect us.



We have to be more intentional about our kindness to others so they will feel our love given to them. We need to let others know how we feel about them. It gives people a better sense of well-being. We need to be more open palmed rather than be closed fisted about how we show people we care about them.

It is what I refer to as the “Love Bank  Concept”©.  It is just like a bank account that draws interest. It too has its disadvantages by having overdraft charges. This happens if people take out more love than putting love into the love bank to nourish the relationship and keep from going bankrupt.

It is simple: You get what you give!

When you use the Love Bank Concept your life becomes meaningful and the small stuff you used to sweat about does not mean so much now that you are using the principles in your life.  It is about doing kind things for people so they will have a strong sense of personal well-being and safety. We need more of this kind of agape love in order to be ” The People Of Hope “. We are the givers of life and humanity and we are self-reliant and does not depend on the government to give us happiness.

It is a wonderful feeling to go to the store and ask the store manager to donate food to feed a family of four when the holidays come. You find a family to bless, and then you go to the store manager and ask them if they would donate the fixings to a family that is experiencing hard times.  They can feel good about the process of giving too. Imagine how much abundance is around us and how good it would be to tap into that abundance and help others.  It would be a wonderful project for a family to get involved with helping another family around the holidays. It is the spirit of giving that marks the Love Bank Concept. It is a great way to be blessed because our love is felt by the recipient families. It also serves the community when we think this way.

We cannot focus on what is wrong with America nor can we focus on the despair of America. Right from the beginning, God was in the making of our nation, so we need to have Him back in our lives so we can learn to be civil with each other. Our nation drifted way off course from one generation to the next and each generation loses a part of the blessings that God gave to America.

We can “be the change you want America to be” by having more respect for humanity. There are peaceful solutions when we live in the solution mode. We cannot be drawn into polarized thinking because we do not get anywhere, as you can see the acts of violence has increased because of the contention among people.

If we are to be the people of hope then we have to be wise about potential conflicts. We can be led by the ” Spirit of Peace ” or we can be pulled into the chaos and contention. We need to be the people of hope in order to show others the way to peaceful living as well as being a part of creating history for America’s future.

May all of us remember to pray for our men and women in harm’s way!

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