A Patriot Of Hope For Tomorrow

Posted by on February 18, 2011
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It is very easy to get up and in arms about how Congress and the president are not handling America’s business very well. Lately, we have heard that the Democrats took off out of town to keep from voting on the Wisconsin budget and I would imagine that there will be more of this kind of immature political wrangling.

Whatever the case this is not good behavior for any kind of public servant. One important question to ask is if these so-called “public elected officials” were scrutinized enough before they were elected. We could say that it is our responsibility to find out all we can about a candidate before we elect them into office. Now that we have been made aware of the consequences we are able to be much wiser the next time.

We have already seen many examples of corruption within our government, with the back room closed door private deals amongst themselves. Personally, I do not think it is good policy to allow lobbyists to have power over lawmaking.  The Washington D.C. ways of selling out America is disheartening and it is to many Americans that care for their country. But, we cannot waiver on hope for America, can we?

We dealt with some of the problem back in November, and now it looks like we have to cut out more political dissidents. We cannot afford to play around with political posturing anymore. WE THE PEOPLE WANT HONEST DEALINGS!

Yes, we do want honest dealings on our foreign and domestic policies. This is our inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The direction on where our country goes is of great concern, but please do not count out the power of the people to unite and to be a great and mighty force to be reckoned with. We have endured many things in the life span of American History and we will continue to be resourceful and resolute.

The title of this post is ” A Patriot Of Hope”  I believe to be appropriate because I, like you too want and hope to see America to come to her knees with gratitude.

Gratitude for what we have here in America. Gratitude for running clean water, as well as the modern technology to add to a comfortable life style when third world countries do not have that luxury. Gratitude for being an American at the most wonderful time in history. We are in the “Re-Defining” and “Remaking” of American values. We are at this stage of history making.

It is my hope and prayer that Americans will seek peaceful solutions to complex issues by starting at the community level. We can be proactive by being an observer in your state’s congressional meetings or just going to city council meetings. Whatever you decide to be a part of,  please make it “be what you would like to see America become!”

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