Remember The Good Ol’ American Days

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How many of us, who is of age, can remember when there was a cultural innocence in our country? I do and many others remember the good ol’ days.

Shu-bopp Music and the early rock and roll was fun, lively, and somewhat innocent. The lyrics in the music were easy to understand because we related our lives with the music. Movies that had a good plot and was family friendly was part of the American value system. Today things have changed in America. Hollywood has taken America hostage by influencing audiences by producing movies and games with violence, sex, and drugs and has had a profound affect on our youth.

The way people lived up to the fifties was somewhat wholesome and good. Sure there has been times in our history where there was violence and robbery, murder, and greed but we managed to get through those times well enough. As each generation passes it seems that there is a little bit more of innocence that breaks off as traditional innocence loses its importance in our society.

Granted we have more of the “SOAP” kind of families (an old television comedy show)than the “Leave it to Beaver” type of families today. We are going further of course as being true Americans with the original founding of traditional “American Values” because as time has passed we have become a new and redefining American culture with too much permissiveness.

Why is this post important to you when we are where we are in America? Do you think we can reclaim innocence and reverse the trend of our social environments? Well I do not think we can return to what and where we were as a nation, nor can we turn the clock back on what lead us to the social rebellion we experience today, do you agree with this assessment?

Let us shift to today’s America and where we want America to go. Some of us have heard the phrase, ” Be the change you want America to be”. We have veered so far off course that it may appear to be ir-reversible, but it is possible to write our own destiny considering the opposing forces that plague America. It just means that we have to know what we want America to be based on what we were as a nation before.

One of the major forces to bring America closer is unfortunately disasters. We disasters hit we experience the rising up of the “American Spirit”. We are now in the “Redefining of America” process, and with hope and camaraderie we can once again rise up out of the ashes of America’s social and spiritual decline to keep from going down the tubes. “Hope is faith and is evidence not seen”, ever hear of that phrase before? We can only hope for the future of America and we get to be a part of the history making process. We get to “Create History” as well as well as “Redefine” ourselves individually and collectively as Americans.

If you have hope for a better future for America then we must be part of the process of filtering out the dissenters. This is a hard one to deal with because some of our acquaintances maybe extreme liberal or progressive and have become dissenters of the Godly principles of which our country was founded on. We are all intermeshed within the social climate of America. We will be required to take a hard stance on issues that does not edify the American citizens and the way we once lived. We will be required to stand up for what is right in order to save America!

May God bless you and America’s future so we can get past our arrogance and polarization. We need God’s help to restore America, not what it once was, but a new and improved America that has endured its own darkness and will once again be the “light in the darkness” to what we have going on in the world today. We have to have faith in America to flourish, because of the nations around the world are needing America’s help.

As you can see with the demonstrations over in the middle east, they too want a better country in which they live. People around the world do not want to be oppressed any longer. Tyranny is ramped all over the world and so people are rebuking violations from governments that do not care about humanity. This means that we have to snuff this covert plan for government take overs here in America. There is however, a price to pay for freedom and we must find peaceful solutions for complex issues.

Our Forefathers have considered the turn of American values and the future of Democracy when they wrote the precious historical documents such as the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Please stay hopeful, and if you are not hopeful then at least join in on the crusade to clean up America by bringing back Godly principles back into American homes and schools. Be a part of the educational process by teaching your children American history so they know what it took to make America great.

We Are America!


Remember Who We Are Music by Krista Branch

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