Calling All Angels

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Calling All Angels

My name is Terrance and I am the Founder and Editor of the Golden Eagles of as and our sister website the Golden Eagles of America Forum. I want to write about a personal experience I have had and I would imagine that there are thousands of other people that have had ” Angelic “ experiences.

As I give a brief account of my experience I want you to think about our earthly experiences and how we have come through some mighty scary times. Was it an Angelic thing that happened to you, you know ” Guardian Angels “. The kind of Angels that you know was sent to protect you.

I was going to school to be a Respiratory Therapist and I worked full time while going to school. I worked 4-10 hour days in the trauma center and my job title was a transporter. This would mean that I have seen a lot of accidents and witnessed death. I prayed fervently in the other room for people that were badly injured, I was close to God.

My car had broken down the week before and I hitched hiked back home every night I worked. I prayed for the Lord to keep me in His protective care every time I had to hitch-hike.  Well, one warm night in Phoenix I was hitch-hiking home when a car full of black men in a black Cadillac drove by me yelling out slurs out at me, as they were proceeding to turn back around towards me. I felt this awful dark spirit come over me and I felt the evilness of these men.

I remember that I said “Oh God Protect Me” and as soon as I said it, there was a little brown pick- up with 3 men sitting in the cab of the truck. They pulled over and picked me up and took me home.  As I was getting out from the back of the truck one of them told me that Jesus loves me. They proceeded to invite me to their church.

I was so joyous by knowing that God sent me 3 earthly Angels when they saved me from harm. We have to realize that we are not alone in this world my brothers and sisters. We have an Army of Angels that are working on our behalf. We are never alone, even though it seems like there are times when we feel all alone and beaten up by life.

I believe that we are here experiencing mortality as a means to learn more about our “Creation”. Who are we and what is our purpose? Our purpose can be so Divinely inspired that we will get attacks from the enemy ” But, fear not for I am with Thee.” Most of us have had Spiritual experiences with Deity and Angelic phenomenon. We would love to post your stories in our Words From Our Readers Segment if you would like to share.

We cannot get clear and feel the Spirit of peace and protection around us when our minds are full of doom and gloom, as well as the fear that accompanies an oblique mindset of one’s future. We need to know that; which there is no doubt whatsoever, that Angels really do exist as much as God exists. It would be nice to know that Archangel Michael and his Army is fighting on our behalf. Michael is one of the “Guardian Angels” sent here to watch over us. The video below will cover things more in detail.  There are also “Healing Angels” that administers to our ailing spirits both physically and emotionally. They can also help by empowering us to learn the truth about the war that is waged against man in these last days, so Satan does not use guilt or shame as weapons against us.

Calling All Angels is a prayer request to God through prayer so the peaceful ways will come forth from God to His Angels, and then to us. In scriptures 2 Kings 6: 15-17, the writer talks about the Heavenly Angels that is an Army of Angels fighting for us on both sides of the veil.

In other words, we are not aware of God’s Army on both sides of the veil. We need to do more in regard to asking help from God or His Heavenly Servants so we can be better equipped to fighting the evils of our day with good.

We have to believe in something higher than ourselves folks!  We have to believe and hope for our future! We have to have a renewed sense that we will be okay considering all that is going on around the world.

We want to start with probing into the mysterious world of Angels by studying their purpose with man. It would be safe to say that Angels are our advocates to help us fight the deceptions and misconceptions related to the war of “principalities”.

For example, if it is the intent of terrorists to kill in the name of Allah then it just stands to reason that God has made His move by offsetting this war with righteousness even as Earthly Angels watch over their neighbors home and the well-being of our communities. We have Angelic Angels that work both sides of the veil and we also have Earthly Angels of people that work towards a civilized world that we live in. They can be humanitarian leaders that have a passion for rightful living. Regardless God will make His move to even out the war zones so we are not left defenseless. The disadvantage we have is that we cannot see Satan and his hosts, but Angels can!

Many people believe in Angels and adore them as safe keepers. I too am one of them! Before you think I have lost my mind please ponder over the possibility of there being an Army of Angels that are fighting on our behalf, otherwise, the world would be doomed forever and hope would never abide in the hearts of man.
Calling All Angels Video-Train


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