The Worth Of A Soul

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If we are to restore America back to her greatness, it starts with how we feel about each other. Sure we have a lot of hate mongers that use politics as a platform to bring contention into the hearts of some Americans. There is also a lot of love generating in the new consciousness of America too.

It is the worth of a soul that we have to see in all of us including the contentious people. We do not have to buy into the contention, do we? We have a choice to accept each other and our character imperfections. However, it is the actions of a person’s behavior that we can have a problem with, this including our own behavior and actions towards others that can condemn us too.

It is easy to love people that you find easy to love, but how does it profit “man” when it is easy? Where the real growth comes in is when we go outside of our box to befriend someone that is opposite to our belief system. Our growth comes when we can live in a world of diversity and we can peacefully get along with each other.

A few years ago my father and I drove cross-country to meet a man that was instrumental to the Network Marketing Industry, by the name of Glen Turner. Glen developed the M.L.M. (Multi-Level Marketing) business model and it was to his downfall that he did. The government seized his castle and all he had left was the boat house, which they were in the process of taking when we were there.

There were two men that founded the organization called ” The Gathering Of Eagles “, one was Mr. Turner himself and the other was a man by the name of Ed Reckter. My father and I went to the meeting and I remembered this story. I have put my own spin on the story to keep from plagiarizing Mr. Turner.

The story went something like this:

There was this man in his mid to early 30’s. We shall call him Jason. Jason was a successful medical professional and made a good honest living. Jason was the typical bachelor and couldn’t find a suitor to settled down with. Then one day around the holidays, Jason met Janet at a company party.

It was the magical love at first sight that brought Jason and Janet together.What a wonderful couple they made and everyone liked them. They were deeply in love with each other and became inseparable with each other. It was a quick courtship before they wedded.

The couple bought a beautiful A- Frame style home in the mountains so they had to commute to work every day. Their home was beautiful and they were truly happy with life. Every Saturday morning Jason would serve breakfast in bed to Janet. Jason would cook the breakfast and put it onto the Lazy Waiter and would pull the ropes in hoist the tray up to the upstairs loft.

” Come on Honey wake up for your breakfast “, he would smile and say to her every Saturday morning. They were married for over 2 years by now, until this dreadful day. Janet did not wake up for Jason’s attentive love. Janet had passed away in her sleep.

Jason was devastated and blamed God for taking his love away from him. He would yell out at the loudest pitch of his voice ” God, oh God why? Why have you taken my love from me, we were happy? His whole life collapsed suddenly and the loss for his sweetheart had become great. He did not care about anything anymore. He did not go to work after a month leave from work.

It was not long after that our friend Jason lost his home and his possessions. He drank himself into a stooper, just like he had done for months. He ended up on Skid-Row without a dime in his pocket after he was severely beaten and robbed. Jason was beaten and left for dead until someone found him and took him to get medical care.

As Jason was lying in bed at the hospital, he thought he was having delusions when he heard a soft penetrating voice say to him, ” Jason, why has Thou blamed me for the death of your love? I know how special she is because I created her. I also created the love you feel inside of you.” He continued on to say that he needed to him to understand that she was needed on this side”.

The Lord asked Jason if he wanted to feel renewed and if he wanted to find peace within himself. By that time Jason had enough of the drinking and re-living the blame he had towards God. God told Jason that he would give him peace, but he has to forgive before he can find the peace that God was speaking about.

God instructed Jason to go to the beach and he will find an answer at the beach after he goes to the Lord in prayer. Jason said in his despair that he would do anything the Lord would ask of him. So off to the Pacific Coast Jason went with a pale and a small shovel. God told him that those were the supplies he needed.

After sundown each and every day Jason would sift through the sand for the sacred jewel. This jewel would lead him to peace of mind, so Jason became obsessed with finding the sacred jewel. After sifting through sand and the presence of holes all along the beach, Jason had found nothing.

Days went to weeks, weeks went to months until one day when Jason was sifting the sand and throwing the sand into the water so it would not recount the sand, he saw a flash in front of his eyes. Panic gripped him as he was fearful of losing the jewel in the ocean. He scooped up handfuls of wet sand and to no avail, he lost his jewel forever.

He heard that soft familiar voice again. It was the love in His voice when He said, “Now you know how I felt when I lost you, my son. You are ” The Worth Of A Soul ” to Me and I feel your pain”.

Jason had the inner assurance in knowing that the Lord understood his pain and he was FREE, free from pain.  He was grateful that he did not die in the alley that night. He had a spiritual experience with God that changed his life, and he believed that he is The Worth of a Soul according to God.

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