Friendships Renewed

Posted by on March 12, 2011
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We have become separated from each other and have distanced ourselves in the process. It is my hope, as well as many Americans, to want to be much closer by us giving of ourselves more. I know it is risky but there is power just underneath vulnerability. It is a powerful tool to transparency and self assuredness.

Just knowing your essence of who you are and what purpose we have here on earth. It can be an opportunity to get to know each other and trade each other’s gifts and talents, as well as sharing our wisdom with each other.

Some of us believe that there are no new set of social sins since the creation of man. What if it were possible for us to work through traumas of our past and have others help us through traumas such as sexual abuse, abandonment, physical abuse, rape, incest, murder, and/or consoling a widow or widower that has just lost their soul mate?

There is value in being close to each other because we can become a softer loving people. The hurt and pain will subside through understanding and friendship. People would be able to trust each other more and peace can be established in the hearts of man. Is this possible? Has humanity lost its savor for decency? We hope that when we break down the walls of pain by forgiving a man for his transgressions against us, that we can feel safe inside again.

There is a sense of personal freedom gained when we forgive. It reminds us of what our natural creation is so man can enjoy the fruits of his life. We have to forgive one another because if we do not we will continue to get tanked up on our condemning sin. We will become more weighed down with pain and sorrow as times pass.

It is this deliberating and a peaceful setting inside of man by forgiving, and to give glory to Christ who has paid the price for sin, we become empowered to do more to feed our spirit with more wholesome nourishment. It is a ” Divine Order “ of life so that man can deal with the mean spirited and confusing world. We receive more Divine Wisdom from God and the Universe when we forgive.

Forgiveness is the most valuable principle for us to learn as humans co-rehabilitating with each other while going through life.

Let us hope that when we take action and share our experiences with others we can show each other the way to inner peace, especially to everyone we meet. We can reach out to the broken hearted who needs to forgive the most.

” A Friendship Renewed “ is the source of happiness when we set the captives free from un-forgiveness. We have to start trusting in humanity again because the gross world of sin has squelched man’s sense of hope and his luster to pursue happiness. We have to have hope for humanity and believe that the pendulum will swing the other way soon. Let us hope that in the process we can build up communities nationwide so that we can help one another endure the upcoming events of the prophetic revelations of the last days.

Be an ” Investor of People ” because there is the value when we extend ourselves in friendship and love that is likened to the salve needed for us to heal, which gives us an overall sense of well-being. By one heart at a time we can endure any kind of trauma or tragedy.

Shall we continue to seek peaceful solutions to life’s complex issues? I say yes!

Written by, Terrance W. Norton, Editor

God Bless!

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