How To Build Up A Community

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There are several things to consider when building up a community and one of them is having the need to build up a community for the betterment of all concerned.

We hear the media spew negativity when they broadcast that could make us feel fearful and hopeless. We have to have the sense to know when to turn off the news because of the negative effects it can have on us. Granted it is good to know what is going on but when you have your fill of contention or hopelessness, turn it off before you become desensitized by the negativeness. It has such a profound affect on some people and they need counseling. We need to be prepared for any catastrophe or social unrest and so it is good to be prepared mindfully.

We can learn from the September 11th tragedy where there were people who were addicted to the news and did not want to miss out on the news breaking events and discoveries. They also wanted to see how things would play out. Once again America was turned upside down like it was when Pearl Harbor was bombed. In any event, many people had to seek comfort from ministers as well as counseling because of the P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) effect that it had on many people.

Why do I bring this up to you? Building up a community is when we seek comfort from our neighbors, friends, and families while we experience tragedy or assaults on our nation by threatening our liberties. We hear a lot about the One World Order and how they want to take over the world, which will bring hysteria and fear among the American people. We want to be like a grove of trees that give each other protection as well as support so we can endure anything that comes down to the way we live as a nation.

We are going to experience social unrest that is going to require us to turn to each other to console as well as the way showers showing the way for people in the middle of chaos. Building up a community is likened to being a single tree that needs to be protected by a grove of trees while the environment is unfavorable. It is not wise for a person to be alone when there could be more protection within the community of people.

Listed below are some ideas for community building. These things are necessary for maintaining a community when social unrest is threatening you and your family’s safety. We have to be resolute and focused on things that matter and are purposeful. That is looking out after the well-being of each other. Edifying people while we are going through turmoil.

The Building Up Of A Community

Youth Outreach: Teaching children how to cope with disasters and displacement/consoling children who lose a parent/youth and young adult needs to be involved in charity work so they are focusing on good things/ inspire the youth to plan community events for the purpose of unity and camaraderie/teaching the youth about American patriotism.

  • Helping the underprivileged and disadvantage so they can feel loved and strengthened by others.
  • Helping the families of the incarcerated.
  • Helping the families of military personnel that is away and fighting for our country.
  • Invite Red Cross to come out and put on first aid classes so when there is a disaster more people can help out.
  • Learn how to grow and can food and teach others how to grow food and be self-reliant.

These are just a few ways that we can build up a strong community. We have to have a shift in thinking in order to endure the trial-some times ahead. How is it that the youth are more involved in humanitarian works than adults? Are we too busy to get involved? We need to be role models for the youth in today’s world by getting off the coach and being a part of the children’s desire to do good things. All of us were born with gifts and talents so it is up to us to use these talents to bless the lives of others, old and young. By bringing our gifts and talents to the table we are able to live in harmony with each other regardless of the chaos and turmoil that is going on around us. By doing this it will give us a sense of belonging and self-worth.

I would love to have comments, videos, and stories about communities working together, but for now, I will share a few videos that I hope you enjoy!



Terrance W. Norton, Editor

Community Development

Building up communities starts with us and how we inner mingle within our community by expressing our happiness onto others; to lift, edify, and care about others builds a strong community and a sense of self-worth, naturally.





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