Being Self Reliant is American

Posted by on March 13, 2011
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We have been hearing a lot about the government cutting programs because we are in debt. This most likely will include entitlement programs like welfare and long term  unemployment benefits. This needs to happen in order for Americans to learn how to be self reliant.

Europe is connected to America as well as other nations around the world. As it is Greece and Ireland are bankrupt and Spain they predict will be next. This may not mean anything to you because we live in America. No it is not true!

Let us focus on California, New York, and Indiana which all of them are close to going bankrupt. Will the tax payers bail these states out of debt? The huge debt loan from these states will affect Americans and could very well cause us to break the bank with an economy that is already fragile.

Now does this get your attention? It should. There is no need to be afraid but it is something we need to be concerned about if we do not have food storage or emergency supplies. Why emergency supplies you ask? There will be rioting in the United States just like there was in Greece when Greece collapsed. Money for Americans will be hard to get and we may not have power to cook so this is part of the self reliance mechanism that needs to be in place for every family nationwide.

We will be forced to be innovative when it comes to being able to provide for our families. We will need to be self reliant so we are able to teach others to be self reliant. This means do not depend on the government for assistance. We will eventually have to learn how to work as a community so we can lift each other up.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news to you but it has to be said in order to prepare. We have to place our trust and faith in God so that we will have our burdens lifted off from our shoulders. After all, it is our Forefathers that said, “May God Bless America.”

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