It Is All About Love

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I hope this posting is going to influence people to open up and let love in and by doing so it will dramatically change a person’s life. It probably is one of the hardest emotions to deal with because of the risks involved in loving. Believe it or not, it is also one of the hardest emotions to accept when others show love towards us. a So why is love so risky? Why does love put us on the defense? As a personal story, I was forced to go inward and to seek a safe place for myself when I had two fatal type of attractions.

In my ignorance and not knowing the why’s, I thought it was them that were the aggressors and so I took defense and went inward without knowing what it was that they liked about me that made them go outwardly aggressively. If only I would have known what I know today, I would have handled things differently and perhaps I would have avoided the emotional scars of fear that I felt about them as well as doubting myself. I did not consider the fact that others felt safe and that in my subliminal message sent them I gave them permission without any boundaries to love me. I have always been a loving child and so I grew up being loving towards others as being an essence of who I was. I followed nature’s path with my ability and natural sense to love, regardless of how it may affect others that did not think or feel the same way that I did about myself and how I viewed the world.

It is a darn shame that people would impose themselves with the luster for love that is needs unmet by others, that I would be so effective by the compassion that was instilled in me, by what I experienced as a child that grew up to be an adult. The child in me that grew up questioned people, and that as a result made me distorted in my view of the world outside of me. It became threatening to me. I do not claim to have the answers but what I do know is how I have been in the past. I was scared to death about letting someone in to love me. For me personally and for those of you out there you can probably identify with what I am about to say. Just suppose we look at it as a disconnect from how we were or were not shown love as a child. It would be safe to say that it is like looking at life through the eyes of a child that grew up to be an adult. As we experience life while growing up we experience the hurts and pains of love, and of course, we also feel the benefits of love that make us feel more alive than what we can get on our own. Love is a gift given to us from God and we experience love in order to have the discerning mind to learn what is healthy for us and we also learn how to deal with the heartaches of love as we get older. It is not something that we need to put aside because of how we associate love to be, it seems to get scrambled around in our heads and it seems to never get back to the place of origin which is in the heart. The mind and the interpretation of the emotions of love that gets us messed up. The mind does not feel it just records events that took place in the past that gets in the way that obstructs the pathway to the heart. Many of us have had failed relationships and the ending of those relationships was extremely painful to us and we took a vow not to let anyone hurt us the way we have been hurt. However, love is about being vulnerable and underneath vulnerability is one of the greatest powers we possess as humans, and that is the power to love. Yes, there is power just underneath vulnerability. One could say oh heck no I am not ever going to be vulnerable again because I do not like what it does to me. What you could be saying to yourself is that I will not let anyone in because my trust factor tells me so. It is like we stand back and tell them, ” no way I am going there with you, you will have to show me that you can be trusted “. We automatically put ourselves on the defense. Seriously folks think about this, how can we grow and experience love when we are on the defense? How does that profit man when we use others to make us feel good and plus what does it say about how we show people that we have not learned to deal with the past relationships? We have the tendency use people to fill the void that we caused ourselves, and we expect others to make us feel good about ourselves. We miss the lesson of life when we go further away from the truth of what Jesus was trying to teach us in order for us to be happy. We miss the breakthroughs that empower us to feel confident about love. Some people live their lives on the defense and skirt around the wonderful empowerment of giving and being vulnerable.

In my younger days, I was a basket case and I had a lived out a facade when it came to love. I spent most of my life with the reserved mindset because it was hard for me to be vulnerable. I, as many of you, have found that our lives are empty and insignificant. We become isolated from what we truly seek. It was not until I met my wife that I found out how miscued I was in my thinking. Thinking….. yes, thinking! Not feeling but thinking! When we think about this there is a polarity just like there is in anything we experience in life. It is the people that have shared with the people that have not. The have people share the light of Christ to us who have lost our way in life because of the past relationships that we have never put a closure on. This means we are either in the process of understanding or that we are in the growing and recognition of our responsibility to that relationship but not blaming anyone for how things turned out. I believe that Deity, as well as Christ, is praying for mankind to get the significance for us to learn how to love like He loved us and that we would break down the walls of resistance. I also believe as well as many others that there are Angels that are unseen and are administering to our broken hearts. What we are saying in unspoken words is that right now I am incapable of coming to an understanding because it is too painful for me to look into the truths of the why’s and the how’s of what happened in the relationship. For us to grow and mature we have to face the truths of what our part was in it. We want to have the breakthroughs of our part so we can correct the mindset that holds us captive by not allowing ourselves to be vulnerable again. I mentioned earlier that it was my wife that had to teach me to love and to be confident in myself enough to let her in to love me. I feel blessed because of what she has taught me and just to think that people go a lifetime without experiencing authentic love. This is the purpose of writing this post because I was like many of you out there that has a guard around your heart and will not ever experience the fullness of the authentic love that comes from above. When we have breakthroughs in understanding and self-examination we are able to have the euphoric experience of not only the awesome love that we never knew existed, we also are in direct alignment with the purpose of life and what we are supposed to learn here on earth. We are actually preparing for Eternity because we could very well have a culture shock when we are taken up into the ” Kingdom of Love ” which we will look like a fish out of water. So, all in all, may we learn to be confident in our ability to be loved and to give love because it is our purpose in life as well as the essence of the beauty the lies within us that were given to us by our Creator. It is and should be our mission to find love so that we will not be toxic to society anymore which means that we will be able to join the ranks of believers of the truths of our existence as humans to prepare ourselves to live in Eternity.

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