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Men Of Integrity

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We will start by defining the word ” Integrity first. The virtuous character of a man with integrity is a man that is trusted by the community in which he lives. His actions of honest business dealings as well as the authentic kindness he demonstrates in his actions are what people look for in a leader.

A man of integrity keeps his word and people trust him in his word. Today’s leaders lack integrity mostly because they favor the ways of the world. He is a man of rare breed and has the ability to lead people just because he says what he wants to do and he does it. He is a great influence for people wanting to do right in the world.

Below is the definition of integrity that I hope you find to be interesting.


1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.
3. a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship’s hull.

1400–50; late Middle English integrite  < Latin integritās. See integer, -ity
1.  rectitude, probity, virtue. See honor.
1.  dishonesty.
There is a good reason why I have decided to write this blog posting. First I want to give you a little background of how my wife and I met. Neither my wife Janiel and I have believed that anyone would be able to find a suitable mate for each other from a social network.
I met Janiel on and at the time I had a website named The Men Of Integrity and she had People Helping People. I liked that she cared about helping people and that her group mirrored her heart about truly helping people. She has got many many many people in her group People Helping People. I asked her if she wanted to start a group called The Women Of Integrity.
Both of us built large groups in a short time because people wanted to follow someone that could be a light in a darkened world of schemes and scams, and were looking for good people that were honest and true. It is very common in the Internet Social Network arena that people are not who they say they are.
It all started when I was browsing through people’s profiles on Tagged, that I started to see some disgusting sleazy dressed women. Some of them displayed themselves in only a bra and panties. They were looking more and more trashy and not at all about looking sexy in a classy way. I started to also notice how many beautiful and sexy girls were on there and noticed that some women had the same picture but different names.
I started to wonder why there were beautiful women on there and wondered why they were single. Many of them said that they were bi-sexual, which is a turn off to a true man of integrity. Did these women get what their heart’s desire was, no I do not think so nor does my wife and many of you out there?
One day that I found out that my really good and trusted friend was not who I thought she was. She was hiding behind someone else’s photo and it most certainly was not her. I felt angry and deceived and from that point on something seemed to change my opinion of Internet relationships with people. This really upset me because I felt deceived by a woman that was a trusted online friend. I asked her why she did that to me and she told me that guys want to see beautiful sexy women and she said that she was not sexy enough for men. She told herself that a man would not be interested in her if he was to accept her for who she is.
She did manage to post her real photo up after I gave her such a hard time. Both of us learned a valuable lesson on self-perception.
I realized that my friend was not alone and that there were hundreds if not thousands of women that was different than what they showed as their picture on their profiles. They were hiding behind a sexy beautiful image of a woman they wanted to be. I talked to Janiel about it and I asked her, ” why is that that women have to hide who they are? ” Janiel was one of them that was hiding behind a tree because she was embarrassed about her weight and she did not want men to see that she was heavy. By the way, my wife had a very large cyst in her abdominal area and she has lost a lot of weight since her surgery.
I thought that this is a perfect time to come out with The Men of Integrity and The Women of Integrity so that we could strengthen the men and women in our groups. It became sad after awhile because we both saw a lot of self-esteem issues on both parts.
Janiel and I worked out a plan that I would be the only man in her group and she the only woman in my group, and the reason for this was that we would pass on what men and women are looking for in a mate as a means to communicate better. The first thing we had to do was to inform them that they are to be themselves and not take on an image to hide behind. We also told them to stop demeaning women by wanting a Playboy Bunny as a potential mate or as an online friend. It was time for people to get real with each other and stop hiding the truth about themselves. There was a lot of healing in the group which made it worthwhile to those that sought help.
This meant that we wanted to get them to communicate with what they really wanted in a relationship. What our main goal was to clean people up because of many of them had porn comments on their web pages. They thought they had to have a sexual agenda in order to be accepted when that was not what they really wanted when they were introduced to each other online.
There really needed to be ” Integrity “ instilled in them. Some were young and impressionable and others were older divorcees and thought they had to be overly sexy in order for them to be available. We did make a difference but the more we did the more people kept popping up and wanted to join the group.
We need more people that have integrity partly because we see our government leaders that do not stand by their word. When a person has integrity they do not compromise ethics, trust, and/or truth. ” They mean what they say and they say what they mean .”

True Integrity is when a person has moral values and they are confident in themselves enough to be transparent with people. This person has nothing to hide nor do they have a problem with being transparent to others. They know their character imperfections as well as they know if they are loved and admired by others or not. They are comfortable in their own skin and do not have to hide behind an image to be accepted.
Men of Integrity has to be men that want to re-instill values, by them being an example first. The development of Integrity is taking a stand on moral issues and are not easily moved from their character as a man of integrity. The word ” GENTLEMAN “ comes to mind when I compare a man of character and a man of integrity.
This means he is gentle in spirit and in mind because he respects the people especially women. A boy often times wants a wife like his mother if he has a good relationship with his mother. A girl wants her man to have the strength and love that her father represented while she was growing up. Of course, she would have to have a good relationship with her father.
In closing we want to leave this message of hope to the men and the women who desire their mates to have integrity,   ” Be The Person You Know They Would Want You To Be “ and ” Be The Change You Want The World To Be .”
We hope you will want to share your stories or have comments that you would like to share with our readers. Because of the power of the Internet, we  broadcast all over the world, please use an interpreter to interpret in English.
Article Written By:
Terrance W. Norton, Founder/Editor

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