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As I was contemplating the idea of writing about the Wizard Of Oz,  I thought about how each and every character played a part within me.



The story is about all of the characters that want to go down the Magical Yellow Brick Road which leads to the  Magical Kingdom of Oz where the  Wizard of Oz lives.

Dorothy was going to go see the Wizard in a place called Oz, and as she is on this pathway of the Yellow Brick Road that leads to the Wizard of Oz she came across a Lion that was going to see the Wizard to see about getting some courage so that he can be a more powerful lion in the jungle.   All of us need to take on more of a lion attitude when we need to make the tough decisions we need to make in life. We need courage to overcome drug addiction as well as abuse. We will need to take courage when looking at our character imperfections and want to be a better person by making some changes that will require us to be brave while going through changes.

Just suppose we are on this yellow brick road in life as in the movie, there would be a rainbow at the end of the road with a pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow. It can be a dream that we want to fulfill that leads us down the yellow brick road.

We have opportunities for us to use courage. Sometimes courage leads a person into a new direction and growth comes as a result of it. Courage is NOT something that we have to develop as a character, it is making the decision to stand for what is righteous and right and acting on your believe even if it is not a popular thing to do with the way we have allowed our society to be denigrated from one generation to the next.

There is dysfunction everywhere and there is not much integrity in our culture anymore. Things have turned upside down people have become more mean spirited, so we have to step up to the plate and denounce or rebuke bad behavior and reckless actions from people. It has to be done more often than naught because it will take us generations to clean up our social decay and the lack of American values and patriotism.

All in all we have to ” stand for something or we will fall for anything “ . I am, like many people in the world that are tired of the permissiveness of the cultures that allow abhorrent sin. It becomes a way of life and the bar of standards gets moved to be below standards for being a society of people that want to do good in the world.  I am sure that people from other countries will agree that American Values has drifted so far of course that it will take a revolution or a rival in order to save our country. We were founded on Christian principles and we will be required to stand for what is morally right as would a lion that takes up courage.

The Straw Man or the Scare Crow is the character that was off to see the Wizard to see about getting a brain. We have to know how we affect others and then change our attitudes towards them and others that will come into our pathway. Using our brain is where we look for good in people as well as attending to their needs. We have to use our reasoning power to know if we are using healthy giving or do we enable people?

When we think mindfully we are able to see and understand ourselves better. We communicate better when we are being mindful. Our relationships are enriched when we are mindful of others and their needs. We can be proactively working towards philanthropic ventures as a way to apply the principles of mindfulness.

All of us have said stupid things to people when we did not think before we said anything to them, and when we are mindful it is virtually impossible to be off base with people. Being mindful is when we cut out the noise as well as the mental tapes that have been playing throughout our lives. It is when we are mindful about our breathing as well as providing a safe place for us to be as much as possible. It is a peaceful place that lies within us and it can be tapped into anytime you are faced with.

There has to be a Tin Man kind of character within all of us because we need to have a heart and soul in order to avoid being a lost civilization. We cannot be calloused about how we live our lives when what we do affects others. I believe it is time that we stop people from being toxic to our society. We have to have the heart and the soul that is called to love people irregardless of what status they hold in society.

When we ask God for a heart make over He will show us how to love others that are difficult to deal with. When we put a problem in His hands it is Him that teaches us how to live with a new heart make over. It is this heart make over that is able to inspire others through their actions. It is this heart change that we need in this world now and so desperately.

It is time that we invest in each others well being and be good to each other. There is enough pain, stress, tragedy, and evil in the world today and so we are needed to come to the aid of others through love, the heart transplanted kind of new love that our Creator gives us when we honestly pursue righteousness.

It is funny how Dorothy named her dog Toto. In Spanish Toto means all together, everyone coming together as we go down the Yellow Brick Road we are able to develop these wonderful character traits. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is likened to our enriched lives by overcoming challenges as well as dealing well with adversity.

It is important to note that everyone’s Yellow Brick Road can look different. Just as life is a polarity there is a good pathway to be on and there is also the NOT so good pathway that buys into the pleasures of the world. This means that some of the big toys we bought when we had money, seems to not be as important anymore when we change pathways. There is hope when we do change pathways because it is in better alignment with the Laws of Attraction that comes from the Universe.

The Yellow Brick Road is also symbolic to leading a life of learning about one’s self and then doing better when we do things that are right for the cause of humanity. At the end of the Wizard of Oz movie; and after finding out that they were duped and deceived by the Wizard, she met the Good Witch.

Just in time to meet the  Good Witch she was able to learn about her innate powers that would take her home to Kansas, she realized that all she had to do was click her heals together and magically she would be back home in Kansas.

This self-discovery is when we can see the rainbow and are able to pursue the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. The Pot of Gold represents the glory of an epiphany to our magnificence of who we truly are. It is our true creation as man to learn to overcome his character imperfections as well as knowing how to love one another through the discovery of SELF.

We have the power within us and there will not be a Good Witch to give us the power to go home, which is the warm and peacefulness we have within us.


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