Standing Up For Something Worthy and Good

Posted by on April 26, 2011
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Unfortunately, we live in a polarized country to where there are sides drawn. It is a clever plan to have the media to divide the people and also to have the power to influence the masses. It has come down to the point of Republican vs Democrats, Liberals vs Conservatives, and of course, we have the Far Left and the Far Right zealots that really have a lot to say. Why do I bring this up?  DIVIDE AND CONQUER as well as UNITED WE STAND~ DIVIDED WE FALL!!!

This blog posting is going to be blunt and right to the point. Either you are with us in ” Redefining America “ to be a more productive as well as a nation of humanitarian efforts to keep the world going or you are against us and want to tear down the country we love so dearly. It is about time that we stand up to be counted as the people that have the courage to go against what is popular or politically correct.

WE have allowed this push and pull of the liberties that we hold dear to us because we see our liberties being threatened more and more as time passes, or should I say each time a bill gets passed? While the silent does not do anything to secure their liberties they will be the first to wonder what happened to America.

Benjamin Franklin says it well when he has stated his observation of where and how our country will end up if we do not do anything to preserve our liberties.

John Adams says it that when we lose our liberties it can be and will be lost forever. I guess they had the gift of Revelation and Prophecy for them to know what can happen to our country because of the evil desires of man to control and to gain power over the people through this discovery of the dissonance of America’s people.

Folks we cannot sit on our duffs by being silent and complacent anymore! We cannot shirk the responsibility to others while we sit and take the gift of freedom so freely and those that did nothing to protect our liberties profit by the liberties they are living by.

May we inspire people to stand up to be counted and may we inspire them to come out from the hiding place of complacency. We have to have the courage to come up against dissenters that do not like America and what it has been for many many years.  We have to agree to disagree with people that oppose us but there is a fine line in doing this because we do not want to give them any more ground than what they have already.

This is not just about a war of culture and diversity, it is a war between good and evil. When we sit and do nothing we are just as guilty for allowing the thieves of liberty and freedom to take from us what is so precious to many of us, and that is our FREEDOM!

Let us make a difference when defining America’s future by STANDING UP TO BE COUNTED!


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