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quran--We are commanded by God to forgive one another for our trespasses, in other words, our actions that may offend another person.This also includes forgiving ourselves. There is a reason why we are to forgive and that is that it leads us down the road to happiness and peace of mind. It makes us feel so much better when we are able to get something off our chest, so to speak.

There are many commandments that God wants us to adhere to because He wants us to live a happy life that will not bog us down when there are real serious issues that come into play. What I am speaking about is life storms and we all have life storms throughout our lives. There are people that can be a life storm to us, especially the ones we are at odds with for one reason or another.

One of the things about life that can bug us about people and how irresponsible people can by doing wrong to someone, and then not apologize to the person that was offended by what was said or done others, in the name of friendship especially.  The EGO of self-importance either gets in the way or these people have no regard for decency.

We just celebrated Easter in which we pay tribute to Christ when He was left to die alone or us on the cross. It does not make sense for someone who considers themselves to be believers in Christ to celebrate His death by ignoring to pay tribute to mankind by asking for forgiveness for our offenses as well as those who have offended us. Of course, Easter and Christmas only come once a year and it is pretty lame not to exercise forgiveness every day and not letting things fester within us, life is too precious to waste it on frivolous stuff that in the end does not matter much.  Christ did not die in vain and so we need to always be grateful for Him by forgiving and asking for forgiveness.

May we be mindful of our actions, our planet Earth is groaning with sin and turmoil brought on by our callousness to matters of the heart. We hurt people and at times hurt people hurt people.  PLEASE go make things right with someone who is on your forgiveness list and if you do not have a forgiveness list, then please make one up as soon as you can, happiness awaits you! There is too much good in life and no need to sweat over something that makes your Spirit lonely and bitter.  People will be people and unfortunately, we have to develop a soft heart and tough skin, not a bad thing to ask God to give you. I think that everyone should have a forgiveness list it is that important to our happiness and peace of mind. It sets us free from the emotional bondage from people which is all part of living life on life’s terms. It is part of  life and so we have to get over ourselves and move forward. It’s not like we have not been hurt before. We will continue to make it through some tough times, we have made it here so far and we are still alive, we will make it through more of the life stuff. It is all part of learning and becoming stronger and stronger.  We cannot know how others will react to our request for forgiveness, anyway, it is not really about them it is about us wanting to be FREE from ourselves and the bitter fruit that we ingested by not forgiving or not asking to be forgiven. It is about us and the relationship we have with ourselves.

Please, please, please be kind to others and be tactful when you tell someone you have been harboring feelings to them. Tell them that you want to make things right with them.If the person that you have been at odds with is deceased you can write their name on a paper and ask Christ to remove the ill feelings of bitterness. He will help you find the peace of mind as well as the joy one gets after the negativity is gone. Who knows if you find a new found love and respect in your relationship with them.

In AA and all of the 12 Steps Programs making immense is important to an addict or an alcoholic to be rid of the resentment that fuels the addiction. If the down-trodden addict or alcoholic can see the value in this so we should be able to see its importance too. All of us need to learn to get along with each other. The signs of the times we are living in will require us to be unified. Just think what it would be like if people around the world were to forgive just one person, the whole energy of the world would be felt and man’s hearts will be satisfied!

around the world of peopleThere is nothing empowering in taking people captive by un-forgiveness. It is a false sense of empowerment and it too creates the EGO which separates us from the people we love. Life is too short to keep this in our hearts and may we respond with love to bring about change and act quickly when offering forgiveness right when it happens.

Have a Nice Day!!!


Terrance W. Norton, Founder/Editor


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