Taking Off The Blinders

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There is no doubt that we are living in the last days and the Second Coming of Christ is near and that we need to get our house in order. The Book of Revelations in the Bible is unfolding itself right in front of our eyes. Things have accelerated the last decade and now we are here in a time of important history providing we take the blinders off and see how things really are unfolding. Does it scare you to think that the Second Coming of Christ is so near and that our houses are not in order because we are living in sin without direction? It does me and many many people know that it is near and they are doing something about securing their place in heaven, like a reservation so to speak.

The last few years have had more change in the way we live and the way we think. We have been too tolerant of social sins like bi-sexuality, selfishness, complacency, lack of integrity, murder, conspirators, and treasonists, and we can go on and on about how our nation, as well as the world, has declined. This should not be much of a surprise to us because we as a nation that is falling from grace! We do not stand for moral values much anymore. Our greed and people suffer at the hands of people like Kenneth Lay, Bernie Madoff, and of course some of our elected officials and the greed and power seeking that has taken us off track.

Are we going to continue to ignore the ” Signs of the Times ? “. How are we going to handle the true grit of hardships that can make you grind your teeth at night? I know I will be able to make it through it because there has to be a happy ending to my life story of faith and endurance providing that I continually ask for forgiveness of my sins and then recommit everyday if I have to, we should all take on that kind of attitude of survival in these last days of temptations.

When we look at things in the Eternal perspective we can imagine the huge payoff for living a life of obedience on earth, and that we are able to receive our gift for doing so. Personally life without pain and suffering is very appealing to me, how about you?How about this one… We will never have to want for anything because it is our Eternal gift that comes from Christ for us using the Atonement to secure our place in His Kingdom forever.

I, like many people do not want to have to deal with pain anymore, especially in Eternity. I have severe back pain as well as other health issues and so to live in Eternity and be pain and suffering free has to be one of the greatest gifts a person that suffers chronic pain would love the most.

Why would there be hardships for some people and not others when there are things like tyranny, hunger, orphanism, overcoming sexual abuse if there was a true God of Justice and Mercy. What about people that have been born in poverty, did they have a choice in being born in poverty? They too will be rewarded Eternally!

But, it does not mean that people would go out and do crimes as an excuse because they were born in poverty and had gone to bed hungry more times than not. The point is that no matter how much money we had, where we lived, or what our conditions were like here on earth, we will all die and we will all be interviewed by God.

Take a choice between NEVER ending happiness or we can wonder about on how much mercy will be given us for the way we lived our lives. When we take the blinders off to see the truth about the way we are, we will be appalled and there would be cause to change. It is only when we take off the blinders of denial that we can see the truth that lies before us.

All of us sin to a degree but it is what we do with that sin that matters. Personally I would much rather take the promise of a better life that would include Eternal happiness than live by the consequences of reckless living. We cannot continue to go around like a horse with blinders for the sake of Eternal happiness.

The lyrics to the song Amazing Grace pretty much says it all, ” I was blind but now I see “. Another way of saying it is what Doctor Phil is known for saying, ” We cannot change what we do not acknowledge “.

It is if the sin blinds us from the truth and distorts our pathway, and it makes it harder to find the path unless we use the Atonement as a way to ask for forgiveness of our sin so that we may enter Eternal Rest.

Have a Great Week!


Terrance W. Norton

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