Where Did Our Fighting Spirit Go?

Posted by on May 9, 2011
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We were not meant to be passive or feel small about ourselves. I believe that most people around the world feel the pressure of living in today’s world. We can call it feeling the evil around us which makes us feel like there is not much hope for a better future. I cannot imagine how our soldier angels are fighting off evil, can you?

We do live in a world of contention but there is also some wonderful things that are taking place behind the scenes of life. It seems like they come around sparingly and we could only wish we could experience more positive things in our life. We have to create happiness within ourselves. Happiness has to start from somewhere does it not? When we want to be happy, we do not think of negative things and therefore we are a joy to be around. We have a much better outlook on life when we make that decision to be happy regardless of what others may do to us to ruin our day. The day’s events should not influence our right to be happy.

Have you heard the saying, ” when we do not stand for something, we fall for anything? “ There are too many fence sitters and we need people to be actively engaged in moving the pendulum back to social dignity and normalcy. Do you agree that ethics and morality of the world have declined over the past twenty or so plus years? We have become desensitized to what is good in the world because we allow the negative to creep in. We have to stand for what is right in order to feel good about ourselves.

I have been self-employed for most of my life and what concerns I have is that it is hard to find good people with good work ethics. We need to forgive more often and we need to get out of ourselves more, as well as being responsible for our actions. If only we forgive and work on our issues, you could imagine how life and the environment around us would shift dramatically. We would feel empowered and are able to have the fortitude to fight for good, would we not?

We do not have much fighting spirit when we get bogged down with sin. Sin weighs us down and tires us out. Our fighting spirit is being consumed by the effects of sin and for that sole purpose, we need to ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness plucks out the effects of sin and we become lighter as well as feeling better about ourselves. We fight for a better life! We fight for a better life for our loved ones! We fight to try to keep evil away from our doorsteps! We fight for the sanctity of man when we want to live in harmony with each other. We become more in tune with life as well as being able to see the needs of others. We also see more suffering, which makes us more compassionate.

In closing, I want to leave you a message. I believe and I have seen amazing things when a person believes in what they do, in so much that they have the ability to influence many many people at a time. People will follow a leader with a clear vision. We will want to be what we want the world to be!

Have a wonderful week!

Article Written by: Terrance W. Norton

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