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On May 3,2011 Benjamin Haas of the Louisiana State University as a graduate tried to burn an American Flag on Free Speech Alley. He did not succeed in burning the American Flag because of the out pouring of patriotism that came from the students of LSU.

Mr Haas went to the Louisiana State University Administration and asked permission to have a flag burning demonstration but was arrested for not having a burning permit. It does not help matters that Mr. Haas was also arrested for desecrating the War Memorial. Could this be a statement of dissension knowing that Memorial Day is on May 30th?

I believe this to be a good thing in that Americans needed to rise up and proclaim their country as their country with patriotism and pride.

We have to understand that not all conspiracy therories are ligitimate, but there are organizations that want and are planning for a “One World Order with a One World Government” but are meeting more resistance than expected. I am not a political annalist by all means but when we have an event like how it was in Louisiana’ s university we can feel pretty good for our win as patriots. We need to have more people show these kinds of acts of courage as part of restoring America as well as defining the America we want to have in the future.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  Some of you may or may not agree with the respect we showed the world with  the washing of Osama Bin Laden’s body before he was buried in the sea. It was done in such a humanitarian and respectful way and I hope that the radical Islamic groups will see that we are good decent people that do have sensitivity for diverse traditions of other nations.

The video below is a Fox News broadcast of the event on the Louisiana State University Campus.

May God continue to bless America for we have much to do in the way of foreign policy!

Article Written by:
Terrance W. Norton,

Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/Writer


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