Bullying Is For Chickens

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bullying320 % of our children between grades 9-12 was bullied in the last year andperson-chicken-suit_~15285-03CR 6 Out of 10 kids in the United States alone have witnessed bullying at least once a day.

Most of the young believes that school is more fearful than educational and not a fun environment.

I too was bullied all the way through grade and middle schools. The reason why the kids teased me was because I was the smallest kid in the school with a big temper.

There were these brothers that lived a few doors down from me, that constantly picked on me for something. Whatever the case was I got to fight the younger of the boys because he too was small. His nickname was “Little”.

The idea was to get me to fight was entertainment to them. I had braces on my teeth that made the inside part of my mouth raw. I hated going to school because I could count on it being a rough time. I was held back in 6th grade because I refused to go to school because I was scared.

One day I blew it. My parents came home from work and I told on myself when I told them about President John F. Kennedy was shot. They wondered how I knew. I knew it because it was breaking news and I was home watching television. OOPS! 🙂

People will play out their childhood behavior when they become adults, just like we have road bullies that are not courteous to other drivers. The victims will also repeat their behaviors with the downbeat attitude if they take on the ” I am no good ” attitude through life or you can be like me and thousands of others that have built up our own self worth by claiming to be free from the insecurities of others. Let us break the cycle and set the captives free so that we can live in harmony. It is possible to love and live in harmony, if only we can think more about the well being of one another.

With Warm Regards,

Terrance W. Norton

Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/ Writer

Here is what Cypress Ranch High School in Cypress, Texas does for their anti-bullying campaign. Check out this video:


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