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2Wethepeople statue of libertyIn today’s broadcasting of news around the world, there is the up close and personal business that goes out to the world. If a blurb slips out like how Vice- President Biden is notorious for, it can really damage a person’s reputation in a hurry.

I want to focus on our foreign policy because of how we are hated around the world. One would think, how can anyone hate the gift givers of the world? We do give a lot of humanitarian aid to countries that have had a disaster. We also send aid to countries like Syria because it is the right thing to do.

Let us call the humanitarian works comes from the people and the war stuff is the government with their policies to back up their involvement in various countries. Sometimes things go sour and policies fail, “we are not the government”.

We have to be reminded of who we are from time to time. What do we stand for and what is the difference between the will of the people and the will of government? That should tell where foreign policy needs to be fixed.

We are still the super power of the world because we use our resources to bless the lives of others throughout the world. It just so happens that our light is dim and the hope of Americans is fading away.

We are Americans, the nation of innovation and inventors to what many people around the world is currently using in their households. We are a nation that is resilient when we fall, we get back up and go on in our lives with courage. How America responded to the wake of 911 is one epic event to show how patriotic Americans are while being in the midst of crisis.

Now that is our kind of foreign policy that brings hope to other nations that suffer tragedy. We do not need to be bullies out there in the world. We do nation building when we occupy a foreign land, which means we work at public relations as a means to win the people over.

Now on the domestic front, we have politicians like Weiner and Mayor Milner of San Diego as well as others that have not shown discretion in their personal lives. Of course we have a super yet not so super sport’s heroes that got caught up in illegal doping and in the case of Aaron Hernandez for murder to embarrass America and giving off the air of glorifying cheaters and immoral elected officials. What have we settled for now days? What happened to the heroes for children to look up to?

We have fallen from grace my friends and we sat back and allowed it to take place right under our noses. Everything affects us directly or indirectly, it is still the same.

There are Hollywood entertainers that have reached out to give the United States  kudos when they would perform so well. Jennifer Lopez would not have gotten egg on her face if her public relations manager would have done their homework before she sang for Turkmenistan dictator Gurbanguli Berdymukhamedov.

Back in summer of 1971, I went on a prepaid tour of 19 different countries as being part of the Y.M.C.A.’s Businessman’s Club member because of my dad being a member. One of the countries I went to was the Soviet Union. It was still the Soviet Union and the communistic lifestyle was present in Moscow, Leningrad,  and Kiev. We were there when they were celebrating Dictator Lenin’s 100th year Anniversary of his death.

The main event was to take place down in the Crimean Sea in a place called  Simferopol which was within kilometres from the borders of Turkey.

The sports event took a lot of planning so that other countries could compete. There was only 22 of us athletes, while there were other countries like the Russians that had a big team. The competing nations were East Germany, the Czechs, the Slaves from Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and I believe that is it. It was years ago and my memory has faded.

After the sports event, that night there was to be 2 members chosen from their perspective nations that were assigned to speak. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Interpreters speaking into our headsets so that we could understand what the speaker was saying was like being at the United Nations. What a night it was after stretching our performance to do good when representing America like we did.

The following evening we had the closing ceremonies and what I experienced that night has burned a wonderful memory in my mind. The Russians set off fireworks as a tribute to our 4th of July celebration. I cried and I cried and I cried that night because I was so proud to be an American and to love my country the way I do has made me all the more of a “Patriot”.

I realize that I am very fortunate to experience what I did down in the Crimean Sea. We express our patriotism on occasion but not as much as we were intended to do. They just had to remove the  Pledge of Allegiance from our schools. We have our dissidents that want to take down America by removing the fabric that kept us honourable as a peoples and as a nation.

We need to pray for restoration and patriotic passion that will inspire all of us to do better than what we have done in the past. We are America and we are the only ones that can fix our social problems. You have to admit there has been a huge decay of morality that spreads 40 years.

Let us hope that the next 40 years will be spent with a strong sense of civility as well as  us learning to see our commonality verses our differences. Just imagine how our foreign policy’s policy would be like if we were to see our commonalities than being on the outside looking in to only see our indifferences.

“The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people! Ritu Ghatourey

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