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white faces arguingThe Internet is supposed to be a tool for effective communication as well as a tool for information if we use the Internet wisely. What has been disturbing to many of us is how our youth are using the Internet to bully or black mail someone that they are at odds with. I am referring to “cyber-bullying”. What will it take to keep people from being so mean and destructive to stop the rising incidences of teenage suicide?

I am sorry to say this but I believe that parents need to be held accountable for their child’s behavior because the parent(s) seem to be removed from their children’s “Internet Experiences” on or off-line activities of the Internet.

How would you feel if you found out your child was in involved in bullying and caused another child to have emotional turmoil because of simple incident that got out of control and it lead to the death of a another child? Would that be a wake up call for you to be more intimately engaged in your child, but will it be too late? There is a lot of peer pressure on these children and what they go through every day at school is not how it was when we were in grade school and as far as that goes the confusing high school tactics to bring a foe to their knees by the threats that goes along with bullying.md68what-lies-behind-us-ralph-waldo-emerson-posters

What is Internet Etiquette? I found a couple of articles that I feel underlines the meaning of “social etiquette”. 

I feel it is best to start with I refer to as social grace. We have to first start with how we interact with others. Unfortunately children forget what their parents teach them because the lessons a parent teaches their children go out the window when they are upset with  a peer.



10 Essential Social Etiquette Rules 

by Rachel Segal

  1. Always, always, always make an effort to engage people with genuinely good eye contact. It is so rare these days that people often appreciate it more than you expect.
  2. Wait for people to finish their sentences and listen to what they are saying instead of waiting for your turn to speak. If all you are waiting for is a chance to interject, you will inevitably interrupt and quite possibly offend the person you are with.
  3. When someone compliments you, take it. Think about it…by shaking your head and turning the compliment down, you are saying the other person is wrong. That’s not very nice, now is it?
  4. If you are with company or out to dinner and happen to be expecting a phone call, let your companions know ahead of time so they don’t quietly judge when your eyes repeatedly dart to your blackberry screen.
  5. Be patient when waiting to get in elevators, subways or cabs. Wait for other people to get off/out first before entering.
  6. There is very  rarely a reason to rudely push past other passengers first.Respect the under 10 items line at the supermarket. This should be a no-brainer.
  7. Bring a bottle of wine or some beer when you go to a friend’s house. You don’t want to be known as the person who arrives, imbibes and leaves. You would expect the same of guests attending one of your soirees, would you not?
  8. Tip generously.
  9. If you are meeting someone for the first time and just coming off a cold, mention it and don’t shake their hand. I can’t imagine anyone would prefer germs.
  10. If you get to the door first, hold it open. Yes, your knight in shining cufflinks might scoot ahead to be that person, but if you are out with colleagues and find yourself there first, be a sport and man the door for a second.


For more information on Internet Etiquette click on the link

I am a voice to what it is like to be picked on. I was the smallest kid in the school and I had quite the temper because of how many times the kids picked on me. I was damaged by that for many many years and I had a lot of therapy for it because of how deep seeded it was within me. Times have not changed, the only thing that has changed since I was a kid is that it is more intense and can be far more damaging to be exploited on the Internet so that kids from other schools can brand you when changing schools.

kids bullying 1I wore braces on my teeth and every time I got hit in the mouth my lips and gums would bleed. As it was my lips were like hamburger because of the last incident in being hit in the mouth. It was not until the day we moved from that city to another that I finally got revenge by fury. I gave it all I could give within me to punch the living day lights out of three kids, which two of them were brothers.

Steven the older of the brothers would get a kick out of his younger brother “little” and I to duke it out. It was the fancy of most of the kids to see us fight, little against little! How cruel it was for Steven to pit us up against each other! It was like a circus act to him and he got a lot of enjoyment out of it. It emboldened “little” to be bigger than what he was in the after math of the “fight of the century” to know that he won over me.

If you have ever been bullied then you know how it feels to be bullied and stripped of your power while being laughed at, so please talk to your children to find out where they are in the mix. Find out if they are a victim or a perpetrator because it may save their life and a whole lot of misery, as you may very well know. Bullying has become an epidemic and the more time passes the more intense it will get because we are not doing our part to stop it. If parents do not get a hold on this problem there could very well be a law to charge parents for crimes associated with bullying, especially if there is a suicide.

Bullies grow up to be bigger bullies and we can see them driving out on the roads stop bullying signby their aggressive driving. It is best to do some inner reflexion when it comes to assessing yourself and your behavior that may have been passed down to your children, providing you have been the perpetrator to bullying. If you have been a victim, please console your children and show them how much you love them and how much you care about their life and what happens to them.


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