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2 businessmen arguingHow can we be civil towards each other when our own Congressional leaders are not civil towards each other, especially the opposing party? There is a segment of people that enjoy political posturing themselves by bashing and debasing their colleagues for their own edification and positioning.  It seems that things are getting worse as time passes. If you believe that we are in the last days as much as I do, then you will certainly agree with the saying that ” man’s heart will wax cold” and that “man’s heart will fail them.”

What does that mean to you? One of the thoughts that come to mind is that people whom hurt people are people who have been hurt themselves. Another thought that comes to mind is that they have not been taught social grace, which will explain why they are so rude and crude towards others. It is up to us to maintain civility by getting counseling on anger issues so we can act more appropriately in public. This goes for all of us who suffer from the hands of those who have harmed us over the years, especially bullying which is another form of inappropriate behavior.

It seems as if everything is spinning out of control, young adults going off on shooting sprees and the media coverage gives others ideas in becoming famous for their evil deeds. Why does the media continue to give way to these “nut cases”? Oh boy, I cannot wait for the next round of mean-spiritedness with the next mid-term elections coming up! What are Americans going to experience the next round when the stakes of the Republicans taking back the Senate or the Democrats keeping control of the Senate?

Since when is it okay to use negative ads to gain an up on people? How did we bring ourselves to the point of allowing candidates to debase someone’s character by telling lies about them?bear false witness) What is wrong is that we are allowing people to use us as garbage cans by when they say horrible things about each other. Enough Already!!!!

We need to keep people in check that are mean-spirited. When someone acts ill towards you, stand up and defend your honor by diplomatically bringing their behavior to the forefront and holding them accountable for their behavior. We can use humor as a good come back so that we do not fall into the trap of being mean ourselves. Do not let people be jerks to you, you deserve kindness as well as respect.angry man with steam

We cannot be angry even though it is hard to respond back to people who act ignorant, we have to pray for those who persecute you and the weak who cannot defend themselves. You will be rewarded in ways you have not thought of before.  You may want to pray for God to work on their heart so that you will not have to be their trash can for speaking ill towards you.

Some Americans have already made up their minds when it comes to voting someone out of office because of how they have conducted themselves in the eye of the public.  All of the blaming and finger pointing towards their so called colleagues. Our politicians will learn their lesson when the American voters go to the voting booth and vote them out. We as Americans should not stand for this kind of childish behavior, especially name calling, political posturing, and of course playing the blame game. There are more productive ways we can come to an understanding. It is no wonder why their approval ratings are so low, that is not counting what they are teaching us to accept in American politics in order to get ahead.

We never know when our bad behavior will come up and bite us in the rear. I remember as a child when my mother was so mad at the dry cleaners because according to my mother, they ruined her sweater. Boy did she tell them off. She did not realize that her actions would come back and haunt her.

One day she was introduced to a lady at church, the lady she was being introduced to thought her last name seemed to be familiar to her. When she realized who my mother was she embarrassed her in front of the other ladies at church. Boy was my mother embarrassed! I guess it takes someone like the dry cleaning lady to teach us not to behave barbaric in public.

It amazes me how some people act on Facebook. white faces arguingThey just let it rip when tearing into someone that has made them mad. Their point is to publicly embarrass someone they are angry with in public, when actually they embarrass themselves by their accusatory attitude toward someone they may have once been close to and felt like they could vent on Facebook.

My sister Judy introduced me to a political/social website called Sodahead and oh boy did I get my ear full in a short time. Some liberals are really mean spirited and they hide behind the computer when they are in action. Why is it that everyone has to be political, as if it is supposed to be a fashionable thing? We used to keep politics to ourselves because we did not want to offend anyone nor did we want to be offended ourselves. Wow times have changed! Everyone airs their political views without showing any discretion at all.

Sad Teenage GirlHave you ever wondered how many parties and opportunities we have lost out on because of how we act towards people?  Are we part of the group of people referred to in scriptures as the “heart of the people whose hearts have waxed cold” people, or are we the people whose “hearts will fail them” because we have forgotten what it is like to be civilized towards each other? We have to have a conscience check so that we can be alerted by an ill feeling that pops up as a warning inside of us. The problem is that man’s heart has waxed cold and so it needs to be warmed up with kindness towards ourselves as well as others.

Let us be part of the solution and not part of the problem because we are out of control!

Post Written by:

Terrance W. Norton,

Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/Free Lance Writer








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