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founding-fathersWhat kind of government do we have now and is this what our Forefathers thought it would be? What was it that made the fall of the Roman Empire? A couple of reasons why the Roman Empire fell is what we need to be concerned about today.

DISCLAIMER: This post is written the author’s perception and the author does not have a degree in political science.

  •  the Roman Empire relied too much on taxes to support their government and that when the people were taxed out, there was not anymore they could do to sustain their spending habits and the life of luxury.
  • the Roman Empire had a rise of the eastern empire, which today could be Eastern Europe (Russia) and the Far East (China).  What would happen to America us as a nation if China stopped lending us money and  continued to manipulate the markets to benefit themselves as we fall to prey over our government’s need to spend money. Another part to the rise of the eastern empire is if our nation breaks off into smaller segments as to townships and states and we needed to have the tax dollars from the states to sustain our own viability. I am referring to Con Con Constitutional Convention political meeting.( please note: 30 of the 32 states needed are already lined up to break away from the union as of this year)
  • government corruption and political instability is very important in today’s era. We hear so much about government corruption and the government waste that people have lost confidence in their country. I am referring to the bills that have pork in them just to appease campaign donors. Back room deals, cronyism, bribery, and favors just to make special interest parties happy.
  • the Roman Empire had an influx of immigrants called Barbarians in which became a stain on the Roman nation. Fast forward to today with illegal immigrants that are on government assistance paid for by American tax dollars. This does not make anyone loyal to America just because we give them substantial support as an illegal immigrant.
  • the Roman Empire in all of its disarray found themselves at odds with their allies. Their allies lost confidence in the government and was marked as a losing empire that many did not want to go down  with the ship, so to speak.  In today’s politics of our foreign policy it is evident that we have lost the respect of our allies because of spying on our allies as well as the weakness of America that gives our nations reason to believe that we have lost our place on the world stage and that we too will fall if there are not dramatic changes in our foreign policy. Leading from behind is part of the message of weakness and that we are not up to the task to protect nations from tyranny.

Now let us talk about how the political climate has changed in America. We were originally formed to be a “republic” and we are leaning more towards an “Oligarchy” type of government, which means that we are governed by a few influential people with political and financial power.

The video below will explain the different forms of government and what has happened to America when shifting to an Oligarchy form of government with all of its vulnerabilities. There is a very good reason why our Forefathers wanted America to be a Republic.


Post Written by: Terrance W. Norton


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