United We Stand, Divided We Fail As A Nation

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2Wethepeople statue of libertyThere are many people in key positions in our government that are not true patriots and do not have our nations best interest at heart. The media is by in part a big part of the problem because they are bias and want to create a juicy story or have the power to influence people, and not in good ways.

Our nation’s business seems to be a constant power play of ideology as well as promises given to special interest groups as lobbyists who want to get their agenda pushed through Congress. What happened to the law to prohibit lobbyists from doing business in the White House or on the grounds of the Capital where Congress does their business? The Obama Administration has recently changed the law and lobbyist can do their bidding through Congressional profiteers that want to make money off from these special interst groups.

Here is an article written by   that explains the changing of the law, click here.

It is very unfortunate that our nation’s business is being run by elitists who have political clout who want to destroy America. The will of the people is not even considered when making laws, and that my friends is what makes the approval ratings of Congress so appalling. The media is not covering the corruption of crony-ism, nor do they report on matters that every American needs to know about in how our government is being run.

There have been back room deals made without the presence of others that may oppose the bill. The question is how far off course are we as a nation due to the secrets Congress does not want us to know. I do not know about you, but it scares the tar out of me to think how off course we truly are.

Immigration is one of the most recent challenges Americans have to deal with. What is Congress going to do about Immigration this new year? There were a few angry politicians who were very unhappy about the results of the midterm elections. Many of us hope the Congress will listen to the will of the people and stop playing politics, especially when they mis-use tax payers money.

Despite the will of the people, Obama continues to ignore the will of the people irregardless of what message voters was sent to Washington D.C.  when we voted. Voters are getting tired of racism which as been fueled by Liberal Congressmen. Many of us are glad they are finally gone. Some politicians waged a war on women while the media fueled that contention between women and the job force. There has also been a war on the middle class because we have to give our their fair share to those who do nothing to earn it. Oh and their was the political war on Republicans as being terrorists, obstructionists, and many other explicatives that would bring honor to their cause.

According to some in the knowing, it can be said that the tactics that have been used on the American people comes right out of Saul Alinski’s play book “Rules For Radicals”, and as a result Americans would have strife and be at odds with each other.

If a person were to go through some of the postings on Facebook one would see how (commonly known) as “trolls” . white faces arguingTrolls try to pick arguments with as many people as they can when they post comments in the comment sections. Some people can be so mean spirited and say some ugly inflammatory things to get someone ticked off.

Just remember that is who they are and be mindful of what they are doing because their whole purpose is to disrupt and bash anyone that disagrees with them. Please do not be turned off to politics because of them for they are doing what they do, they cause contention amongst us all.

“United We Stand~ Divided We Fail”. We need to learn to get along with each other and when someone is trying to get negative attention, ignore them because they are like children trying to get attention even if it is negative attention. We will not be able to convert them to our way of thinking so do not try. It is best to call them on their stuff to let them know you are onto them. Do not go for their bait by engaging in the contention because they want us to fight over politics and are not wanting to learn anything new from you.

You could tell them, “I can see that you are passionate about what you feel and that is okay, but please let me be me as I am letting you be without trying to persuade you into believing what I believe to be true.” This way we are able to come to terms with our differences and not be taunted into unnecessary conflicts with each other given this is the way we will be able to deal with the important issues we have to face in our nation in the near future.

I intend to continue doing my part to agree that we can disagree and I do hope that we can move forward as a nation of DIVERSITY.

For more information connecting Obama and Saul Alinski click here

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