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Saving America

Posted by on July 17, 2017 (Comments Closed)
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We can only hope that our voice of truth and justice can be heard throughout the halls of Congress and all government entities.

America is under siege by the left leaning liberal establishment as well as a Republican who claims to be Conservative but are not in any way an honorable Conservative Republican that would have prudent values that could be admired. Moderate or Centrist Republicans are harming our nation and we cannot stand idly by and watch America go to ruins. Every American has to be in the knowing, knowing the truth behind the Congressional bills, corruption throughout government agencies, as well as the theft that made Congress so comfortable to take our hard earned retirement money and spend it on frivolous things. President Obama did his share of offenses against the interest of the American taxpayers by flying around the world and spending taxpayers money without any discipline or honor as a former president of the United States.

I can say that I do practice what I preach. I have taken action to help save America from ruin. I have become a Conservative activist by being a Heritage Action for America Sentinel member. Heritage Foundation is an activist organization that is aware of every bill that comes through Congress. They urge the Sentinel members to be actively engaged with Congressional representatives by writing tweets, blogs, letters, and/or phone calls to their offices.

I shudder to think that if I personally do nothing and America goes to ruin, what would I tell a youngster that I did nothing to save America. Could you live with yourself if the day we wake up to find out that we are living in a society of decay and corruption? The old adage saying that says “Evil exists when good people fail to do anything” comes to my mind.

We just have to get involved, my friends! We have to act NOW. You will find out that it makes a person feel better about themselves when they are working on something that is greater than themselves. It is “Making America Great Again”.


I was watching the news on YouTube a few months ago and what I saw made me feel proud to be an American. It confirmed how I feel about my country. The YouTube video showed people around the world who were singing about President Donald J. Trump and how he wanted to  Making America Great Again. This is a movement that has people around the world who wants to Make The World Great Again and knowing America as a big super power for the good is back on the scene!

It seems since Donald Trump was elected, the world was torn apart; with one side being for good and the other side being for Liberalism or dissension with hatred for America in their heart. I do not know about you, but it makes my heart sad. Sad for those people who would hate America and our values so much that they become activist also. Friends, we cannot let this evil plot to take down America and the fine Patriots who love their country. There are different ways to serve our country, the military is the most common. I served as an athlete through YMCA Businessman’s Club that my dad was a member.

I was an athlete representing the United States with several other athletes from various Eastern European countries. I was so proud to be an American when we (22) of us were standing in what was then, the Soviet Union. We were down in Simferopol, which is down in the Crimean Sea on July 4th, 1971. The Russians honored us with fireworks. Oh, how I sobbed that night because I was so proud to be an American. I am also an Army Veteran.

As soon as I got back from touring twenty-two nations, I enlisted in the Army. The draft was in full swing. Viet Nam was a war that just would not end. Well, finally President Richard Nixon ended the war.

Like I have mentioned earlier, there are many different ways to serve your country. I feel it is important to be involved in holding government accountable for them breaking their oath which is to serve and protect and have the best interest of America. You may contact the Heritage Foundation by clicking on this link.

Post Written by:

Terrance W. Norton,

Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/Freelance Writer



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