Golden Eagles-Founders

My wife Janiel and I are newly weds, and like most couples we wanted to do something significant in the world and working with the youth we believe it to be one of the greatest blessings one could have.

I have been self-employed most of my life and have run a few small businesses over the years which one of them was running a very successful window cleaning business. Our passion is working with the youth.  By working with the youth we can inspire them to do good works so they could be re-directed away from teen pregnancy as well as getting them involved in life changing philanthropic ventures that will better the lives of others.

As my wife and I were talking we realized that the youth do not have much faith in the future and they are filled with doom and gloom. They do not have much confidence in the financial future of themselves because of the poor job market, not counting how bleak the housing market is today. The thought of them being able to buy a house does not seem to be a possibility for them. The younger generation have inherited debt that will take years to pay off and so they feel burdened.

These young adults are coming up through the ranks and are thinking that it does not do much good to have passion when the future is so dire. My wife and I have decided to start Golden Eagles of America, non profit organization as an effort to inspire and motivate the youth to be extraordinary youth leaders, so they can be a part of life.

I was a cocaine addict years ago and I experienced friends and families that not only gave up on me, but they kept me at a distance because they did not want to get hurt if I died or went to prison for a long time. Instead I had a spiritual experience in the Mighty Work of God to deliver me from my addiction. As a result of this astonishing event I told God that if He delivered me from the cocaine addiction I would serve Him the rest of my living days.

We want to help the youth by giving them hope and that we would provide them a positive environment to apply their gifts in meaningful ways. Ways that will serve mankind and change the way we live. It starts one heart and one life at a time. Before we know it communities, nations, and the world as a whole will change with cooperation.

We believe this to be true and that once applied with the proper backing of churches, families, and the business community; we will see an exponential change that will be impactful and life changing for all. Please join us in our venture by sending me a comment with contact information or send us an email  at we will contact you within seventy-two hours.


Terrance and Janiel Norton, Founders

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