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The Making Of A U.S. Presidential Candidate

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Detroit DebatesI do not know about you, the political climate this election cycle has me very uptight and I imagine you probably feel the same way. I guess it was the nature of the disrespectful and disparaging remarks towards each other that really got to me. It is not that I have thin skin or that I cannot handle contention, it was that I had had enough after listening to the sound bites over and over from previous encounters. This time, I believe was the worst I have ever seen in any debates I have watched over the years.

Personally, I feel that we do not need to hear about Donald Trump’s size of his hands that was in comparison to his male anatomy. I felt that it was over the top and unnecessary to say such a thing on national television, especially if there were children viewing the debates with their parents. I would imagine parents were teaching their children the election process through debates and what it takes to find a suitable leader to lead our nation through these turbulent times.

How does a parent explain the bad behavior of some adults that are running for the most prestigious job in the world? A wise man would bridle his tongue in order for people to see that he respects himself as well as respecting others. 

Needless to say my wife and I was churning inside with anxiety. The arguing and bickering back and forth had finally reached its point with us and we were about to turn the debates off but we pushed through the anxiety because we wanted to hear what all of the candidates had to say.

Some of us have different ways of working through the contentious situations as a means to have peace within ourselves. I imagine you would love to see this election cycle end just about as much as I do.

I cannot remember any time in all the years I have been following politics that there have been never been such vile things spewed out of the mouth of what is supposed to be considered a person that will be representing the United States of America and what values we stand for as a nation. Each person has a different threshold of what they are willing to tolerate.

Yes, there is a lot at stake in this election, especially the next president will have the honor of appointing Supreme Court Justices as well as giving our nation direction on where we go from here. Do we continue to go down the path of no accountability or do we elect someone that has the skill to fix the wide array of social, political, financial, and we may as well throw in spiritual problems that have beset our beloved nation?

We cannot lose hope for our nation because of what has been going on this last decade or two. One point I would like to make is, we are part of the problem because of our complacency by not taking a stand on issues that we needed to address to our Congressional body. When Congress realized we were complacent, it was so much easier for them to pull the wool over our eyes because they may feel that we would not resist them.

I too am quite concerned about the future of our beloved country. There are times that I tremble with fear when I hear the news on television. I know that I am not the only one that has great concern for our future of our nation as well as the future of our families. What decision we make this year in the elections could cause us great anguish in the future.

I have seen many comments come across Facebook that asks us to click on like and share if you agree It is time for us to turn our heart to God.  What come to mind when I read comments such as these on Facebook is the Biblical scripture that comes from the book of 1 Chronicles that states ““If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their LAND.” – 1 Chronicles 7:14. 

It seems to be that we have plummeted in a downward spiral when we started accepting sin as being part of the social norm. What I am referring to is the legalization of same-sex marriage, the polarization of abortion and let us not forget the removal of the Ten Commandments in public places as well as removing prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance from schools. The Pledge of Allegiance does not seem like a big deal, but it is. It is the pride of living in the United States of America and what we stand for as people of goodness.

It is if our anchor has left to be on our own and interpret what we stand for as a deluded form of what once was something that united us and now it has divided us to the point of concession to the minority that has an agenda. It is the politically correct crowd that wants to dictate over how we live.

” If we do not stand for something- we will fall for anything”. (Peter Marshall coined this quote in 1947). I believe as a Christian that it is the design of the Satan to dismantle our beliefs or, at least, to minimize our allegiance to humanity by living our lives with purpose. What do we need to do to correct what has been done us personally and as a country that once stood for what was righteous and good?

I believe that we need to learn to get along but not compromise our values. Another thing is what it says in the scripture I mentioned above. We have to work on our own salvation and let us be an example to people that do not know the way because of sin blinding people’s path to salvation. We cannot come off to people in a way that is going to be self-righteous or too preachy.

We have heard that ” Perfect love covers a myriad of sins, which means that when we reach out and love each other we are put onto a pathway of peace toward one another. This does not mean that we side step repentance for our sins.

Remember that this is part of an agreement we make with God and He promises that He will heal our land providing that we change our hearts and attitudes toward sin. I believe that our best days are ahead of us providing we do not destroy ourselves by continuing to commit grotesque sin.

The pathway is set us for us and we have to do our part personally and inspire others to clean up their act so that we can benefit collectively and live a life of purpose and meaning. How nice it would be to live with peace in our hearts so that God will feel that we are serious about living life with peace once again and that we will flourish as a nation.

Post Written by:

Terrance W. Norton

Humanitarian Mentor/Writer/Orator

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Polarization-Is It American?

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This bickering back and forth in what we hear through the media as well as social media websites is getting way out of hand.It is a turn off to many people that really detest the vile language that a certain group of people portray. There is a loss of respect through this dichotomy of politicking from Americans.

We live in a country that has Constitutional rights and liberties. We need to use these liberties wisely and not for bashing a party or demeaning anyone for their political beliefs. What seems to happen is that it forms the minds of impressionable youth to form opinions that are not peaceful nor are they conducive to American values.

We are at a turning point in history that America is in jeopardy in a way that has brought contention within the political system and the American people. This has to be thwarted because the author of contention and division is the enemy of peace. Why can we not get along with each other and learn to suck it up when people want to debate. There is this polarity of the Right – left – conservative – liberal and best of all the worst part of polarization is Good- Bad.

This involves judgment and self righteousness. There is no good or bad opinions that are based with an open mind for truth. We cannot force people to agree with us one way or another nor should we shut them out by not at least attempting to listen to their point of view.  We can say…..Thank you for sharing your opinion with me and leave it at that, without getting into a debate with each others beliefs and political persuasion.

We have a lot of work to do and we have a lot of ground to make up and we cannot do it with the mindset that is so ever present in today’s society. We have to learn to suck it up and bite our tongues in order to move ahead. Being right is not as important as being happy folks. So when you come across people that want to debate you STOP and learn to take a deep breath and keep your composure.

This goes for all of us. Who knows that person that is trying to make a point may have a valid expression that needs to be heard. When we have composure over ourselves we are able to reason with each other without losing our beliefs. It does not matter what political party you belong to, it should be a golden rule for living in harmony with each other.

Folks, we have to do something different or we will end up in riots and social conflicts with each other because of the prime conditions for Martial Law governance. We cannot afford to be taken over by government because we failed to get along with each other as well as being tolerant of each other.

This is not what our Forefathers want people. The phrase of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is what American values are all about. It is the intent of pursuing happiness that we live out our American inheritance for being the greatest country in the world; past, present, and future. Whatever goes on in America gets broadcast throughout the world and if we want to continue to be the light in the darkness we have to be the light to others. One could say that the way we act towards each other could be a national security issue. We have enemies out there that wants to destroy America and American values, they see our weakness and they will prey on our weakness as being able to get along with each other. Confusion and chaos is the work from an evil force that tries to control the hearts of man, please remember this when you interact with someone that opposes you. We can all be happy living in a world of diversity but it will take work as well as a commitment towards the cause of humanity. God Bless America and may God Bless us with ways to find peace within us.

Written by: Terrance W. Norton

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Ronald Reagan 40th President

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The 1980 presidential campaign between Reagan and incumbent President Jimmy Carter was conducted during domestic concerns and the ongoing Iran hostage crisis. His campaign stressed some of his fundamental principles: lower taxes to stimulate the economy,less government interference in people’s lives,states’ rights,and a strong national defense.