We have now opened up the Forum as of February 10, 2011. We hope to see you at the Golden Eagles of America Forum. To enter into the Forum you click on the link below and you will be taken to the face of the Forum. You will not need to register to be a member of the Forum unless you leave it for us to send you a personal automated notice of a new posting. We are working on the Golden Eagles of America Symposium soon which will be by invitation. The Golden Eagles Symposium is designed as a Master Mind Group that will take on political, social, humanitarian, economic, and community issues. So please shoot us an email if you want to be interviewed to be a member of the Symposium.

The Group Discussions and videos are:

  • How to build videos: eco homes, how to build your own power sources, how to cook dutch oven style, etc.,
  • Faith and Spirituality
  • Faith and Spirituality inspirational videos
  • Family
  • Community and the Spirit of Community
  • Patriotism
  • Patriotic videos
  • Alternative Lifestyles Videos
  • Alternative Cooking Videos
  • Alternative Power Videos
  • And many more

There will be more topics added and will be changed from time to time so they viewers are happy and satisfied for the educational tools we discuss in the Forum Groups.

Come on in and visit us in the Forum and enjoy the educational material as well as the awesome videos. We would love to have you browse through the different forum rooms and feel free to leave comments and stories.


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